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Maryleigh Krasniewicz

Trendera; Executive Director

In her role as an Executive Director for Trendera, MaryLeigh is able to use her captivation with design, entertainment, food, writing and people watching to help create comprehensive studies that touch on all of these things, while working with clients to educate and consult on the access, engagement and analysis of consumer behavior. Formerly, MaryLeigh worked as Trend Coordinator for The Intelligence Group, where she researched and contributed to The Cassandra Report and daily trend newsletter trendcentral. She has also presented to and worked on consulting projects for a range of clients, including Monster.com, vitaminwater, Fox Studios, and Target; and has been quoted as an industry expert by such brands as Sephora and Microsoft XBox. MaryLeigh graduated with a BS in Communications and a minor in Journalism from NYU, where she discovered her love of pop culture anthropology. She has lived in the New York since moving to the Lower East Side in 2001 to attend school, and more recently migrated from Manhattan to Brooklyn.