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Jackie Indrisano

Berklee College of Music/THE RED ROOM @ 939; Venue Manager/Talent Buyer

I run and book a 200 cap all-ages venue in the heart of Boston with the help of Music Industry students from Berklee College of Music. Venue Managing and Talent Buying are what I do for a living and it's not for the meek. IF your heart is in the right place AND you have a soul then you will care WHO you book and HOW you run your venue. It is a painstaking task to develop, curate and persevere in an industry full of wanna-be's and blow hards BUT you can if you care about music and the space that you work and create in. I am here to listen, learn and be transparent about my work and my passion in this industry so PLEASE ask me anything or let's just strategize and brainstorm about your next steps on YOUR path in this business. Whether you're a band or a business-person, I am here for you. Let's make these 15 minutes count!