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Matt Grady

Factory 25; Founder

Matt Grady is the founder of FACTORY 25, a Brooklyn-based independent film + music label. Beginning in September 2009, FACTORY 25 releases films, theatrically, digitally, and on DVD, and curates provocative limited edition DVD/vinyl combination packages. Specializing in indie niche projects, FACTORY 25 is committed to delivering films and music in perfect analog or digital quality on DVD and vinyl in aesthetically interesting packaging. In addition to the recent anouncement of the subscription series Joe Swanberg: Collected Films 2011, indie film label Factory 25 released the critically acclaimed Frownland, along with You Wont Miss Me, Brock Enright: Good Times Will Never Be the Same, New York Export: Opus Jazz, Rio Breaks, Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo, Until The Light Takes Us, Wah Do Dem and Make out With Violence. Upcoming Titles for Factory 25 include The Other Side of Sleep, Shit Year, Kids of Today, Two Gates of Sleep, Buttons by Alex Kalman, Josh & Ben Safdie, and The Family Jams by Kevin Barker.